Grace Center staff are trained in first aid and nutrition.

Grace Center staff are trained in first aid and nutrition.

Being healthy!

Good Health is the foundational piece of Africa's restoration. Healthy people can care for their families, learn new ways of caring for the land, take advantage of available education, and develop their communities to step out of poverty.

Currently our medical program consists of a Home Care program. Our Community Health Evangelists care for patients assigned to them by the district hospital in their homes. Our CHEs teach about nutrition and first aid, they teach about clean water, toilets and AIDS.

Our Healthcare goals begin with the completion of our church building. Body, soul and spirit are deeply integrated and we believe that many physical problems are the manifestation of spiritual issues. By giving people the opportunity for prayer, we believe many will never need to go up the road to the clinic.

The second step of our Healthcare goals include instruction in Growing and Eating a Nutritious and Diversified Diet. We believe that healthy people can fight off disease.

Our Clinic Building and Maternal Care Center provide a venue for classes and for treatment.

We are currently providing formula for 35 babies whose mothers have either died or have lost their supply of breast milk due to illness or who must stop nursing their babies after six months because of HIV/AIDS.  The Maternal Care Center will be expanded to provide a two week program where mothers can come to rest, receive medical treatment for illnesses affecting their breast milk supply, as well as receive training and counseling on caring for their children.  

Grace Clinic and Maternal Care Center Plans