Our 2018 Project Goals

We are so thankful for the miraculous provision God's gives in meeting our needs! We are thankful, too, for the partners he brings who allow God's resources to flow through them. Will you join us in praying for these projects in the days ahead.

Thank you for partnering with us!

 Your gift for food helps children stay in school and grow healthier each day.

Your gift for food helps children stay in school and grow healthier each day.

School Lunch Program $20,000

Our school lunch program has transformed our children. We have recorded the transformation that a healthy diet brings to our children who live in the orphanage. Now, good healthy meals are part of every child's life who participates in our Grace Center programs. Providing a hot lunch each day also allows us to minister to people from the local community who are starving during the dangerous hungry season (January - March). 

Donate money to buy food for the school lunch program!

Another great way to provide food for the children is through our sponsorship program.

Sponsorship $30 - $100 Monthly

One of the best ways you can impact the life of a child is through sponsorship. Recent research has shown that sponsorship makes a life-changing difference for the child and for their family. Sponsored children are more likely to finish secondary school, complete university, find jobs and become community and church leaders. But the biggest piece of the puzzle may be this: Sponsored children have hope! The hope that their dreams and aspirations may actually become a reality makes all the difference in the world. Change the life of a child today.

Click on this link to visit our Sponsorship page and learn about the different sponsorship options available.

Our Schools

Classrooms, Classrooms and More Classrooms $16,000 each

We are in desperate need of more classrooms for our growing schools. To complete the Primary School, we need 3 more classroom blocks. Each block houses two classrooms complete with secure storage space. We'll be renovating our classrooms to put in sky lights, paint and colorful cubbies with a grant through Rotary International.

I want to build a classroom today!

Dining Hall and School Kitchen $50,000

It is time to move our children off the ground and into a building for breakfast and lunch. This beautiful dining hall will be built from designs produced by a design team from Texas Tech University. We'll let you in on a sneak peek just as soon as they are available! 

Partner with us to complete the Primary School! Our vision is big and we have a lot of building to do!

Clinic and Maternal Care Center - $29,000

God has placed a vision on our hearts  see people healthy, growing and full of love. One of the important places for this transition to take place is through the programs and ministry of the Maternal Care Center and Clinic. Here mothers will receive training in breast-feeding, nutrition and child-care. We are partnering with an organization called Delivering Hope to provide prenatal classes and post-natal care for mothers. 

We are moving ahead with the development of our Maternity Center. Here are the specific needs

Completion of our Labor and Delivery Rooms         $8,000

Kitchen for Care-givers and Expectant Mothers     $6,500

Expectant Mother Hostel                                              $8,000

Teaching Pavilion                                                             $6,500

Help us provide a safe, loving environment for mothers to deliver their babies.



US Staff Housing $180,000

Over the course of the next two years we would like to be ready to send US Staff to help with the work at the Grace Center. We know that God is drawing those who are called to partner with our colleagues in Malawi to care for the children. We would like to begin building 3 US Staff houses soon.

Make sending missionaries possible by providing a home for them.