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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) How long of a commitment am I making?

A: We ask sponsors to commit to at least a year. You can continue your sponsorship until the child graduates from high school.

2) May I pay a year at a time?

A: Payments can be made once a year, once a quarter or once a month. If you send your sponsorship once a year, we will prompt you when it is time for another payment.

3) How do I make an automatic withdrawal from my bank?

A: Contact your bank to inform them that you want to make an automatic payment of $30 per month to: Circle of Hope International, PO Box 132., Wilmore, KY 40390.

4) Does the money go directly to my child?

A: Funds are never distributed to the children or their guardians, but rather enable the child to receive the benefits of programs they are involved in.

5) Does any of the sponsorship go toward administration?

A: A small percentage of your sponsorship provides for administration of the programs where your child is enrolled. We provide a small stipend for care-giving staff, salaries for teachers and for our farmers who grow the food for the children’s nutritional programs.

6) What does my sponsorship provide?

A: Through active participation in our children’s programs, your child receives: Breakfast and lunch in our school program, education through our schools or through scholarships, small group mentoring, basic health care, development of the local community through our medical and agriculture programs and access to specialized programs such as the anemia program and specialized tutoring.

7) How long will my child be in the program?

A: We enroll children from infancy through high school graduation or until they have received vocational training.

8) Will I receive letters and updates?

A: Yes. Your child will write you a letter at least twice a year. You will receive updates from the Sponsorship office more often.

9) Can I send things to my child?

A: Our teams traveling to Malawi will be very happy to take something to your child. Contact karen@cohcommunity.org for details.